Protecting Yourself Legally after an Arrest

As someone who has recently been arrested, you are entitled to certain legal rights that cannot be taken away from you. You have to be read these rights and given the opportunity to hire an attorney to defend you before you go to court.

When you are facing years in jail because of a DUI charge, you cannot afford to hire an attorney who is not experienced in this area of the law. With a law firm, mediator, or skilled DUI attorney Fairfax VA defendants like you could beat the charges against you or at least face the minimal punishment for them.

Proving Your Innocence

Some states do not spend a lot of money or time training their police officers to administer field sobriety tests. Officers are left to use their best judgment to determine if a driver is over the legal limit and should be placed under arrest.

When you believe you were under the legal limit and should not have been arrested, you can have your lawyer investigate whether or not you were innocent at the time of your arrest. Your lawyer can check dash cam footage, verify the results of your breathalyzer test, have any urine or blood samples retested, and otherwise check into the fact of whether or not you were legally intoxicated.

If the lawyer finds you were under the legal limit, he or she could have the charges against you dropped. You also could have recourse to seek compensation from the law enforcement agency that placed you under arrest in the first place.

Avoiding Punishment

If you are legally intoxicated, you still may not deserve to go to jail and pay a huge fine particularly if this was your first offense or you were barely over the legal limit. In this instance, your attorney may be able to bargain down the charges against you. You could enter a diversion program or go on a brief probation instead of being sentenced to jail.

A DUI attorney can help you stay out of jail after your arrest. He or she can also prove your innocence if applicable.

Indicators You Should File A Personal Injury Claim

It is never fun to get hurt. However, it is something that will inevitably happen to just about everyone during their lifetime. When you get hurt, especially when it is caused by someone else, you might be wondering if you should file a personal injury claim. There are many factors that go into whether or not you have enough on your side to make a claim. If you are on the fence about it, you should consider speaking with reputable lawyers such as J.A. Davis & Associates LLP. found at Below are some indicators you might have a legitimate case.


While being injured is the main factor to determining a personal injury claim, not all injuries will make an acceptable case. Typically, to get a good personal injury case accepted, you would need to have to get injured, either physically or psychologically, through the negligence of someone else. This could be anything from a car accident, someone attacking you or you slipping at a store that didn’t clean up a spill in time. Typically speaking, a person or an entity would need to be proven to have acted in a negligent manner which caused your injuries to happen. This would mean they are liable for your injuries and any costs associated with them.

Recoverable Damages?

Another indicator you might have a good personal injury case to file is that you have recoverable damages. You need to prove that any of your damages from the injuries, such as medical bills and loss of work, can be recovered through a monetary compensation. If you are able to work with a lawyer and prove that your injuries were caused by the negligence of someone else, the court is more likely to award you damages in the form of money.

These are just a couple of the main indicators that you have what is necessary to file a claim. While going through an injury and having to file a personal injury claim is never fun, it can be necessary to try and get your life back on track after getting hurt.

The Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

Perhaps you have never had the need for legal advice, or you have been leery about hiring a lawyer for one reason or another. You might be the type of person that wants to solve problems on your own. While that is certainly admirable, there are also many situations where expert legal advice will help you tremendously. It is important to have someone on your side who understands the law and will get you what you are entitled to in the end. Continue reading to learn about a few of the many benefits you can expect to receive when hiring a lawyer.

Expert Advice

There are times when you just do not how to proceed with a case that you have against another entity. This is especially true if you have been injured on the job and want to know what options you have to take care of yourself while still ensuring that your job is there waiting for you. A workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon will be able to provide you with the professional and expert advice that you need to feel comfortable about embarking on a plausible course of action.

Help Dealing With Bills

A lawyer will help guide you about dealing with the medical expenses in the aftermath of a personal injury. You will need assistance with this until a settlement has been reached. That is a benefit that a lawyer can provide you with.

Legal Protection

When you retain a lawyer, you will have legal protection. You will rest easy knowing that a professional is on your side. This will help protect you, for example, from having to worry about your job after an injury that occurred while you were at work.

These are just a few of the many benefits that a professional and experienced lawyer can bring to the table. At the very least, you will want to have a consultation with a firm in your area, many of which will speak to you for free about your case. See what an attorney has to offer you and then decide for yourself. You will find that having a lawyer working on your case will allow you to focus on take care of your own personal business.

Approach Divorce Like a Business Transaction

Facing the end of a marriage might be depressing but it’s important to make decisions with your head and not your heart. Making decisions based on emotion could result in serious financial consequences or even destroy relationships with other family members. There are some things you can do that could help reduce stress and think clearly during and after your divorce.

Forget about Love

Divorce is not about love or hate. It’s about dividing assets and liabilities. The court isn’t likely to consider whether your spouse was unfaithful or if they disagreed with you over the best way to raise your children when making decisions that will affect your future. By looking at the divorce as a business deal, you may be able to negotiate a settlement deal that allows you to get out of the marriage with some of the assets that are important to you.

Gather Important Documents

You’ll need to be organized if you want to avoid getting left with more than your share of the marital debt. Find out what you own and who you owe. Talk to divorce lawyers in Gurnee IL about which documents you should gather. Some forms that might be helpful include tax returns, bank statements, 1099s, deeds to real property and credit card bills.

Debt Management for Long-term Success

After the divorce, you’ll have to learn to live without your spouse’s income. It’s important to learn how to manage your finances so you don’t go into debt. Although you may get a portion of the marital assets, you may also assume some debt. Knowing how to manage the debt could help you avoid bankruptcy later.

Divorce isn’t the end of the world. It’s merely the end of a chapter in your life. It’s up to you to take control of your new status and move on with your life. The divorce decree that you agree to is binding unless a family court judge modifies it. Instead of accepting terms you don’t agree with an hoping to be able to change them later, work with an experienced divorce lawyer to negotiate terms you’ll be comfortable living with for the long term.

Need a Child Custody Lawyer?

One Less Stressor

Whether you’re filing for divorce or separating, if your child is in the picture, you’re likely going to be facing a custody situation. This can already be an extremely stressful and sometimes emotional time. As such, you want to make sure that you find a lawyer who can reduce that stress and make the experience as easy as possible. Since this can be an extremely trying time for the child in question as well, reducing as much stress and frustration is paramount. Luckily, for those seeking child support lawyers Pasco County, there’s a firm ready to serve you.

Experience At Your Disposal

The Law Offices of Steven J. Glaros and Associates is prepared to utilize their entire staff to ensure that you receive the best service possible. Their office has over thirty years worth of combined experience, and they are eager to share the wealth of that experience and knowledge with you to make sure that the child’s needs are met. Whether you intend to file for joint custody, shared or rotating custody, or sole custody, they can help navigate the confusing and frustrating waters of the law with you. It is likely that you’ll discover that there are more details about a child’s custody than you realized, and as such, you may not have answers immediately ready. Glaros and Associates can help find and prepare you to have those answers. A simple divorce lawyer may not be prepared to handle the minute details concerning children, and as such, you might end up losing your case. thus, finding the right lawyer at the get-go is crucial. Since Glaros and Associates offers a free consultation, you can see if they’re the right fit for you.

When it comes to your family, you want to make sure that you have the best representation to speak for your and your child’s needs. Allowing the Law Office of Steven J. Glaros and Associates to be that voice is a step towards a new and bright future for you and your family.