4 Steps to the Probate Process

When you have to deal with the death of a loved one, everyday things can be difficult for a while. When you have to go through the probate process to work out the details of that loved one’s estate, you may be on pins and needles for longer than you would like. You don’t know anything about probate except that it is going to take time and possibly money to get matters resolved. Before you stress further, read these four steps to the probate process.

1. Initial Filing With the Court

The court must be given notice that the decedent either had a will or didn’t before things can get rolling. A petition is filed either asking for the court to accept the will and allow the estate to be administered or requesting the court to figure out the succession in the absence of instructions. Notice is sent to all named beneficiaries and sometimes published in a newspaper. A probate attorney beaverton or can help get the process going.

2. Administration Begins

A personal representative either appointed via the will or the court will start to take an inventory of the estate. This includes assets, private property, cash, and debt. The representative will then send out a notice to all creditors of the valuation of the estate.

3. Payments Get Made

Once the estate has been valued, the personal representative begins making payments of debts, taxes, funeral expenses, and any other money the deceased owed. Cash reserves may be used and if there isn’t enough, property can be sold.

4. Property Is Transferred

Once all payments are made, the representative starts divvying up the rest of the estate according to the will if there was one. Property gets transferred to beneficiaries and bank accounts closed. If there is no will, the state’s laws on succession take over.

Getting through the probate process is possible, especially if you know what to expect.

Liquidating Real Estate Holdings Legally

When you are locked into a real estate contract, you may find it difficult to liquidate this asset. In fact, the asset may be more of a detriment to you if you have troubles paying the taxes and upkeep on it. You may also have no use for the real estate that you own.

Rather than continue owning something you cannot afford and have no use for, you may instead want to figure out a way to liquidate it legally and quickly. You can find out more about selling real estate, canceling your contract, and getting out of a timeshare by going on the website today.

Full Contract Review

By law in most states, real estate contracts must have some type of exit clause in them. This clause allows owners to back out of their agreements with the original sellers or the company that oversees the timeshare. It is just a matter of figuring out what that exit clause is and how it can be utilized legally to your advantage.

Rather than review the contract yourself and miss out on key facts, you can instead have it reviewed by people who specialize in helping people liquidate timeshares. They can find the clause, tell you what it requires of you, and then help you follow the requirements in order to get out of the contract for the timeshare.

You also may be able to escape the contract based on other scenarios like exceptions for health, finances, and other circumstances. The company can help you liquidate the timeshare and may even help you find a new buyer for it, which will allow you to avoid paying for it any longer.

A timeshare at one time might have seemed like a lucrative investment. However, now it may be a drain on your time and finances. You may think you are locked into the contract for the duration and cannot escape it. However, you may be able to liquidate the holding by using exit clauses in your contract. You can find out more about this possibility by going on the website today.

The Many Benefits of Having a Family Lawyer

When you and your intended became engaged, hiring a lawyer was the last thing on your minds. But finding the right family lawyer even before you tie the knot may be one of the best shared decisions you ever make. Why?

The Prenuptial Agreement

Even before marrying and starting a family, having an attorney familiar with family law hernando county fl can be invaluable. If you and your future spouse each have substantial assets, a family lawyer can advise you on protecting them with a prenuptial agreement.

Nobody is certain of what the future holds. Having a trusted attorney draw up a pre-nup is like being fully covered by a reliable life insurance company. You wish coverage would never be necessary, but you love the peace of mind it brings.

And if the time comes when you need it, a pre-nup will eliminate haggling over alimony, child custody and support or how your assets will be divided. Because it has already settled the difficult issues, both of you will know what to expect.

Other Ways a Family Lawyer Can Help

But even the most happily married couples can benefit from establishing a long-term relationship with a family lawyer. Other areas of family law hernando county fl include:

Adoptions: A qualified family lawyer can guide you through the adoption process by ensuring your child’s birth parents have legally surrendered their parental rights. It’s the only way for your new family member to be yours alone!

Estate Planning: During a long and successful marriage, you may accumulate a significant estate you want to pass on to your heirs. Preparing your wills, estate plan, living trusts, final care wishes and funeral arrangements can be a complicated and delicate process. Having a family lawyer legally implement your decisions guarantees your wishes will be honored.

Putting it simply, having a qualified family lawyer can reward you with a lifetime of caring and competent legal work!

Before Bonding

Getting someone out of jail might seem like it would be a challenge, but if you talk to the right bail bond company, you can get the help that you need. The first thing that you need to know is what a bail bond is and how it can be paid. The bail bond is the amount that must be paid so that the defendant is released from jail. You can pay the entire amount that has been ordered by the judge or find a bondsman who can accept a percentage of the bail so that you don’t have to pay the entire amount. You can use cash, a debit card, or a credit card to pay the bondsman. Some will accept a property title, such as a car title, but most will not accept a check.

When you begin looking at ways to help someone get out of jail in Columbia MO, keep in mind that there are a few factors that can impact the bail amount. The criminal background of the defendant will be one of the factors along with the type of crime that was committed. You should also be aware that some bondsmen won’t help defendants if they have committed certain crimes because of the ramifications that could occur. These crimes usually don’t have a bail amount associated with them anyway, and if there is an amount, it’s usually fairly high.

There will be conditions related to the release of the defendant once the bond has been paid. A court date will be given that the defendant must appear for, and the bond company will usually ask that any collateral that is used be surrendered in the event that the defendant gets arrested again or doesn’t appear for court. Before you pay to get someone out of jail, understand that you won’t get the money back.

Reasons To Consider Becoming A Notary

There are millions of people around the country who are already earning an extra income as a Notary Public. The position was created as a way to help protect consumers from identity theft and fraud. While Notaries have been around for many years, they have recently become high demand in many industries and businesses around the world. Being a Notary may seem like a boring job that has no benefits. However, there are many benefits to becoming one. You can become a Notary by visiting sites such as www.notarybonding.com and get access to the notary directory for more information.

Great Side Hustle

If you have a full-time job and are looking to make a little extra money on the side, becoming a Notary is a great option. Depending on where you live and how in-demand your services are, you could make a great part-time income working around your schedule. People need notaries outside of normal business hours as well and will pay extra fees for the services during hours that work best for them.

Become Notary Signing Agent

For those that consider becoming a Notary because of the money, the decision to become a Notary Signing Agent should also be taken into account. NSAs are certified and trained professionals who handle the notarization of any loan documents during a real estate closing. When working in the industry of mortgage financing, NSAs are the critical and final link between borrowers and banks completing loans.

Improve Your Skill Set

Notaries are always in high demand. They are needed in a multitude of industries including legal, insurance, finance, medical, government and technology. Because they are needed in just about any industry, becoming a Notary can be a valuable tool to add to your resume when trying to further your career and get promotions.

Most people make the decision to become a Notary Public as a way to make more money and advance their careers. However, there are charitable reasons to become a Notary as well. Many people who don’t have a lot of money need Notary services as well. A great way to help those in need in your community is to offer your Notary services for free or at a discount.