Learning More about Securing Your Early Release

When you have been arrested and put in jail, your first thoughts may revolve around how you can get out of jail and back home as soon as possible. Getting out of jail can be expensive if the judge has set a high bond amount. You may not have that amount of cash in your bank account.

Rather than sit in jail until your court date, you could get out and be allowed to go home by posting the required bail amount. This amount in most cases is 10 to 20 percent of the bond. You could arrange for bail by contacting your local bondsman about cash bail, surety, or allegheny county jail bail bonds today.

Getting the Required Amount of Money

The bail bondsman is not going to put up the money you need to get out of jail for nothing. In fact, he or she is taking on a certain amount of liability in bailing you out and allowing you to go home. You have to uphold your end of the proverbial bargain in the process.

You first will be required to sign a legally binding contract that says you will make all of your required bail bond payments on time. You will be expected to pay back this amount even if you are sentenced to jail. As such, the bondsman may require you to put up some type of collateral like jewelry or a car that can be liquidated in case you cannot make payments from jail.

The contract also stipulates that you show up to all of your court dates including your sentencing hearing. If you fail to show up to your court dates, you will be considered to have skipped bail. The bondsman can then ask the judge for a bench warrant for your arrest.

The terms of securing your release are stipulated in the contract that you must sign prior to being bailed out of jail. Following the terms can help you stay out of jail and avoid arrest. It can also help you get out of jail after your arrest.