New title: What is Really Involved in a Divorce?

When couples head to family court to get divorced, it involves much more than simply dissolving the marriage. After years together in a legal union, the couple has to divide property, make financial arrangements, and determine child custody. All of these issues require negotiation and compromise, even though heightened emotions can make those kinds of talks especially complex.

In some cases, the couple may be able to work things out on their own and a lengthy divorce proceeding isn’t necessary. By negotiating the terms of their divorce in mediation, the couple can save the time and expense of going through a regular divorce. Even though the couple may be able to compromise on the various issues, a divorce lawyer in Lake Forest, IL can still help. The attorney can ensure both parties remain objective and that their arrangements are fair to all concerned.

One major issue that concerns divorcing couples is the custody and care for their children. The goal of family court is to act in the best interests of the children, but, whenever possible, they also want to keep both parents involved in their children’s lives. This means granting one parent sole custody is only done in extreme circumstances, such as when one parent has exhibited violent, or abusive, behavior. Otherwise, judges prefer to grant shared custody to the parents.

Even with shared custody, one parent may have to pay child support to the other parent to ensure the child’s quality of living remains consistent. The courts make this determination by comparing each parent’s income against the needs of the children involved. This helps to determine how much each parent needs to care for the children, while in their care. An attorney can help ensure this determination is fair and based upon accurate information.

There are many more ways a family law attorney can help in a divorce proceeding. In some cases, the parents may return to family court to request an adjustment of child custody, or support. In those instances, working with the same family law attorney can save time. He will already be familiar with the facts of the case and can argue favorably on your behalf. For your best chances of obtaining a favorable outcome, the expertise of an attorney is necessary.