Protecting Yourself Legally after an Arrest

As someone who has recently been arrested, you are entitled to certain legal rights that cannot be taken away from you. You have to be read these rights and given the opportunity to hire an attorney to defend you before you go to court.

When you are facing years in jail because of a DUI charge, you cannot afford to hire an attorney who is not experienced in this area of the law. With a law firm, mediator, or skilled DUI attorney Fairfax VA defendants like you could beat the charges against you or at least face the minimal punishment for them.

Proving Your Innocence

Some states do not spend a lot of money or time training their police officers to administer field sobriety tests. Officers are left to use their best judgment to determine if a driver is over the legal limit and should be placed under arrest.

When you believe you were under the legal limit and should not have been arrested, you can have your lawyer investigate whether or not you were innocent at the time of your arrest. Your lawyer can check dash cam footage, verify the results of your breathalyzer test, have any urine or blood samples retested, and otherwise check into the fact of whether or not you were legally intoxicated.

If the lawyer finds you were under the legal limit, he or she could have the charges against you dropped. You also could have recourse to seek compensation from the law enforcement agency that placed you under arrest in the first place.

Avoiding Punishment

If you are legally intoxicated, you still may not deserve to go to jail and pay a huge fine particularly if this was your first offense or you were barely over the legal limit. In this instance, your attorney may be able to bargain down the charges against you. You could enter a diversion program or go on a brief probation instead of being sentenced to jail.

A DUI attorney can help you stay out of jail after your arrest. He or she can also prove your innocence if applicable.