Take the Appropriate Action When You Get Injured

It is very important that you know exactly what to do if you are ever injured as the result of negligence from another party. The steps that you take in the immediate aftermath of an injury will have a direct impact on the amount of money that you are able to receive in a settlement. Therefore, it would be wise for you to familiarize yourself with the things that you need to do. This will give you a much better chance of getting the settlement that you deserve. Here is what you need to do.

1. Talk to any people who might have seen the accident take place.

Having credible witnesses is crucial in a court case involving a personal injury. Basically, you need people to back up your version of the events surrounding your injury. This will make it easier for the jury to believe what you are saying. This is why you need to talk to all of the people who were in the area and might have seen something at the time of your injury. Take down the names and phone numbers of these people in case your lawyer wants to call them to testify on your behalf.

2. Get examined by a doctor.

You will need to have official medical records that state what your exact injuries are that you suffered in the accident. You need to have this information with you when you go to court. It will enable the judge and jury to see the extent of your injuries. This will also serve as proof of your claim that you can no longer do your job effectively if you are suing for lost wages.

3. Hire a lawyer who has experience with personal injury cases.

You will now need to begin the process of hiring a Portland Oregon personal injury lawyer. This is a process that must not be rushed. There are many lawyers for you to choose from. However, you will need to carefully examine the credentials of each one. Hire a lawyer who has been handling personal injury cases for many years.

Indicators You Should File A Personal Injury Claim

It is never fun to get hurt. However, it is something that will inevitably happen to just about everyone during their lifetime. When you get hurt, especially when it is caused by someone else, you might be wondering if you should file a personal injury claim. There are many factors that go into whether or not you have enough on your side to make a claim. If you are on the fence about it, you should consider speaking with reputable lawyers such as J.A. Davis & Associates LLP. found at www.jadavisinjurylawyers.com. Below are some indicators you might have a legitimate case.


While being injured is the main factor to determining a personal injury claim, not all injuries will make an acceptable case. Typically, to get a good personal injury case accepted, you would need to have to get injured, either physically or psychologically, through the negligence of someone else. This could be anything from a car accident, someone attacking you or you slipping at a store that didn’t clean up a spill in time. Typically speaking, a person or an entity would need to be proven to have acted in a negligent manner which caused your injuries to happen. This would mean they are liable for your injuries and any costs associated with them.

Recoverable Damages?

Another indicator you might have a good personal injury case to file is that you have recoverable damages. You need to prove that any of your damages from the injuries, such as medical bills and loss of work, can be recovered through a monetary compensation. If you are able to work with a lawyer and prove that your injuries were caused by the negligence of someone else, the court is more likely to award you damages in the form of money.

These are just a couple of the main indicators that you have what is necessary to file a claim. While going through an injury and having to file a personal injury claim is never fun, it can be necessary to try and get your life back on track after getting hurt.