The Many Benefits of Having a Family Lawyer

When you and your intended became engaged, hiring a lawyer was the last thing on your minds. But finding the right family lawyer even before you tie the knot may be one of the best shared decisions you ever make. Why?

The Prenuptial Agreement

Even before marrying and starting a family, having an attorney familiar with family law hernando county fl can be invaluable. If you and your future spouse each have substantial assets, a family lawyer can advise you on protecting them with a prenuptial agreement.

Nobody is certain of what the future holds. Having a trusted attorney draw up a pre-nup is like being fully covered by a reliable life insurance company. You wish coverage would never be necessary, but you love the peace of mind it brings.

And if the time comes when you need it, a pre-nup will eliminate haggling over alimony, child custody and support or how your assets will be divided. Because it has already settled the difficult issues, both of you will know what to expect.

Other Ways a Family Lawyer Can Help

But even the most happily married couples can benefit from establishing a long-term relationship with a family lawyer. Other areas of family law hernando county fl include:

Adoptions: A qualified family lawyer can guide you through the adoption process by ensuring your child’s birth parents have legally surrendered their parental rights. It’s the only way for your new family member to be yours alone!

Estate Planning: During a long and successful marriage, you may accumulate a significant estate you want to pass on to your heirs. Preparing your wills, estate plan, living trusts, final care wishes and funeral arrangements can be a complicated and delicate process. Having a family lawyer legally implement your decisions guarantees your wishes will be honored.

Putting it simply, having a qualified family lawyer can reward you with a lifetime of caring and competent legal work!